《死产儿》 - 美妙之物第二季结局影片讲述的是一位新妈妈 Mary (克里斯蒂·柏克 饰)保护新生儿 Adam(Grace Christensen 饰)的故事。Mary 生了一对双胞胎,但其中只 详情


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weary weary / 5wIErI; `wIrI/ adj (-ier, -iest) 1 (a) very tired, esp as a result of effort or endurance; exhausted 疲倦的, 疲劳的(尤指因费力或持久所致); 精疲力竭: weary in body and mind 身心疲惫 * They felt weary after all their hard work. 他们把所有的累活儿都干完后感到筋疲力尽. (b) ~ of sth no longer interested in or enthusiastic about sth; tired of sth 对某事物再无兴趣或热情; 厌倦某事物: The people are growing weary of the war. 人民对这场战争越来越厌倦了. * I am weary of hearing about your problems. 我听腻了你那些麻烦事. 2 causing tiredness or boredom 令人疲倦的; 令人厌烦的: a weary journey, wait 令人厌倦的旅程、 等待 * the last weary mile of their climb 他们攀登的令人疲惫的最后一英里路. 3 showing tiredness 显得疲倦或厌倦的: a weary sigh, smile 疲倦的叹息、 笑容. weary v 1 [Tn, Tn.pr] ~ sb (with sth) make sb feel annoyed or impatient 使某人感到烦恼或不耐烦: It wearies me to have to explain everything in such detail. 让我把一切都得解释得那麽详细, 可真烦人. * She was wearied by the constant noise. 她很厌烦那些没完没了的噪杂声. * weary sb with requests 一再要求使某人生厌. 2 [Ip] ~ of sb/sth (fml 文) become dissatisfied with sb/sth 对某人[某事物]不满: She began to weary of her companions. 她逐渐对同伴心怀不满. * You will soon weary of living abroad. 你在国外生活不消多久就不满意了. still still / stIl; stIl/ adj (-er, -est) 1 (a) (almost) without movement or sound; quiet and calm (几乎)不动或无声的; 静止的; 寂静的: still water 死水 * absolutely/completely/perfectly still 极其[十分/非常]宁静 * Please keep/stay/hold/sit/stand still while I take your photograph. 我给你拍照时请别动. (b) without wind 无风的: a still day in August 八月里无风的一天. =>Usage at quiet 用法见quiet. 2 [attrib 作定语] (of drinks) not containing bubbles of gas; not sparkling or fizzy (指饮料)不含碳酸气的, 不起泡的: still cider, orange, mineral water, etc 无汽的苹果汁、 橙子汁、 矿泉水等. 3 (idm 习语) the still small `voice (of conscience) (rhet 修辞) a person's sense of right and wrong 良心的呼唤; 是非感.still waters run `deep (saying 谚) a quiet or apparentlycalm person can have strong emotions, much knowledge or wisdom, etc 静水流深(沉静或寡言者或有强烈情感、 丰富知识或非凡智慧等). still n 1 single photograph of a scene from a cinema film (电影片中某一镜头的)剧照, 定格画面: stills from a new film, eg as used for advertising 新影片的剧照(如用作广告的). 2 (idm 习语) the still of the `night (rhet 修辞) the calmness or silence of the night 夜间的寂静. still v [I, Tn] (fml 文) (cause sth to) become calm or at rest (使某物)平静下来或静止: The waves stilled. 波浪平静下来了. * (fig 比喻) She couldn't still her anxiety. 她无法消除内心的不安. stillness n [U] quality of being still 静止; 寂静; 安静; 平静. still birth (a) birth at which the baby is born dead 死产. (b) baby born dead 死产儿. Cf 参看 live birth (live1). stillborn adj 1 (of a baby) dead when born (指婴儿)死产的. 2 (rhet 修辞) (of an idea or a plan) not developing further (指思想或计画)夭折的. still life (a) [U] representation of non-living objects (eg fruit, flowers, etc) in painting (绘画中的)静物(如水果、 花等); 静物画: I prefer landscape to still life. 我喜欢风景画, 不喜欢静物画. (b) [C] (pl still lifes) picture of this type 静物画. still / stIl; stIl/ adv 1 (usu in the middle position, but sometimes occurring after a direct object 通常置於句子中部, 但有时用於直接宾语之后) up to and including the present time or the time mentioned 至目前或当时为止; 仍然; 依旧; 还是: She's still busy. 她仍然很忙. * He still hopes/is still hoping for a letter from her. 他仍盼望她能来信. * Will you still be here when I get back? 我回来的时候你还在这里吗? * Do you still live in London? 你还住在伦敦吗? * I still can't do it. 我还是不会做. * We could still change our minds. 我们还可以改变主意. * I need you still; don't go yet. 我还需要你, 先别走. 2 in spite of that; nevertheless; even so 尽管那样; 然而; 不过; 虽然如此: He's treated you badly: still, he's your brother and you should help him. 他待你很不好; 但他终归是你的兄弟, 你应该帮助他. * Although she felt ill, she still went to work. 她虽然觉得身体不舒服, 但仍然去上班了. 3 (a) (with a comparative 与比较级连用) in a greater amount or degree; even 更; 还要: Tom is tall, but Mary is taller still/still taller. 汤姆很高, 但是玛丽更高. * That would be nicer still/still nicer. 那就更好了. (b) in addition; besides; yet 加之; 此外; 还有: He came up with still more stories. 他写出的小说更多了. 4 (idm 习语) ,better/,worse `still even better/worse 还要好[坏]. still / stIl; stIl/ n apparatus for making alcoholic liquor (eg brandy, whisky) by distilling 蒸馏器(制造如白兰地、 威士忌等酒精饮料用的). silence silence / 5saIlEns; `saIlEns/ n 1 [U] condition of being quiet or silent; absence of sound 寂静; 无声: the silence of the night 夜的寂静 * A scream shattered the silence. 一声尖叫打破了寂静. * In the library silence reigned, ie it was totally silent. 图书馆内十分安静. 2 (a) [U] not speaking, answering sth spoken or written, making comments, etc; not mentioning sth or revealing a secret 沉默; 缄默; 默不作声: All my questions were met with silence from him. 我的所有问题他都拒不回答. * The teacher's stern look reduced him to silence. 教师神情严肃, 他便静了下来. * I can't understand her silence on this matter. 我不明白她为什麽对此事默不作声. * I assume that your silence implies consent, ie that by saying nothing you are showing that you do not disagree. 我想你沉默即表示同意. * After a year's silence (ie a year during which she didn't write), I got a letter from her. 她沉默了一年之后, 又给我来了一封信. * They tried to buy his silence, ie to pay him not to reveal a secret. 他们想收买他让他保持缄默(不泄露秘密). (b) [C] period during which sb is silent 沉默的一段时间: a conversation with many silences 时断时续的交谈 * There was a brief silence, followed by uproar. 沉默片刻之后又喧嚣起来了. 3 (idm 习语) in silence without speaking or making a sound; silently 安静地; 无声地: listen to sb in silence 静静地听某人谈话 * The whole ceremony took place in complete silence. 举行仪式的全过程中寂静无声. a pregnant pause/silence =>pregnant. ,silence is `golden (saying 谚) it is often best not to say anything 沉默是上策. silence v [Tn] cause (sb/sth) to be silent; cause to be quiet(er) 使(某人[某物])沉默; 使安静: try to silence a noisy crowd, a crying baby 设法使喧闹的人群、啼哭的婴儿静下来 * silence one's critics, eg by doing sth they cannot criticize 使挑剔的人无话可说 * silence the enemy's guns, eg by destroying them 把敌人的阵地摧毁 * This insult silenced him completely. 他受此侮辱后一言不发了. silencer n (a) (Brit) (US muffler) device that reduces the noise made by a vehicle's exhaust (机动车的)消声器. =>illus at App 1 见附录1插图, page xii. (b) device that reduces the noise made by a gun being fired (枪的)消声器. silence interj be quiet 安静; 别出声: `Silence!' shouted the teacher. ‘安静!’教师喊道. shoulder shoulder / 5FEUldE(r); `FoldL/ n 1 [C] (a) part of the body where an arm, a foreleg or a wing is attached; part of the human body from this point to the neck 胳膊、 前腿或翅膀与身体相连接的部位; 肩; 肩膀; 肩胛: look back over one's shoulder 回头看 * shrug one's shoulders 耸肩 * This coat is too narrow across the shoulders. 这件大衣肩部太窄. =>illus at human 见human插图. =>Usage at body. (b) part of a garment covering this (衣服的)肩部: a jacket with padded shoulders 有垫肩的甲克. (c) [C, U] piece of meat cut from the upper foreleg of an animal 前腿肉(从动物前腿上部切下的肉): some shoulder of lamb, beef, etc 羊、 牛等的前腿肉. 2 shoulders [pl] (a) part of the back between the shoulders 背的上部; 肩胛: a person with broad shoulders 肩宽的人 * a coalman carrying a sack on his shoulders 肩上扛著麻袋的送煤人 * give a child a ride on one's shoulders 让子孩骑在肩膀上. (b) (fig 比喻) a person, with regard to the responsibilities, blame, etc he must bear 有责任的或须承担责任的人: shift the blame onto sb else's shoulders 把责任推给别人承担 * The burden of guilt has been lifted from my shoulders. 我已卸下了负疚的重担. * The duty fell upon her shoulders. 这一责任落在了她的肩上. 3 [C] part of a thing resembling a human shoulder in shape or position, eg on a bottle, tool, mountain 形状或部位似肩的部分(如瓶、 工具、 山的). =>illus at mountain 见mountain插图. 4 (idm 习语) be/stand head and shoulders above sb/sth =>head1 a chip on one's shoulder => chip1. give sb/get the cold shoulder =>cold1. have a good head on one's shoulders =>head1. an old head on young shoulders =>old. put one's shoulder to the `wheel work hard at a task 努力工作: Come on, everyone, shoulders to the wheel we've got a lot to do. 快, 各位, 加把劲--我们有很多事情要做. rub shoulders with sb =>rub1. ,shoulder to `shoulder (a) side by side 肩并肩: soldiers standing shoulder to shoulder 肩并肩站著的士兵. (b) working, fighting, etc together; united 并肩工作、 战斗等; 团结一致: shoulder to shoulder with one's fellow-workers in the dispute 辩论中与同事齐心协力. straight from the shoulder => straight2. shoulder v 1 [Tn] (a) put (sth) on one's shoulder(s) 扛, 担, 挑, 掮(某物): She shouldered her rucksack and set off along the road. 她背起帆布背包就上路了. (b) (fig 比喻) take (guilt, responsibility, etc) upon oneself 承担(罪责、 责任等): shoulder the duties of chairman 负起主席的责任 * She won't shoulder all the blame for the mistake. 她不承担该过失的全部责任. 2 [Tn.pr, Tn.p] push (sb/sth) with one's shoulder 用肩顶(某人[某物]): shoulder sb to one side 用肩膀把某人顶到一旁 * He shouldered off a defender and shot at goal. 他用肩膀挡开防守队员后射门. 3 (phr v) shoulder one's way in, through, past, etc move in the specified direction by pushing with one's shoulder(s) 用肩膀沿某方向挤出一条路: shoulder one's way into the room 用肩膀挤著进入房间 * shoulder one's way through (the crowd) 用肩膀挤著穿过人群. shoulder-bag n bag hung over the shoulder by a long strap 背在肩上的手提包. shoulder-blade n either of the two large flat bones at the top of the back; scapula 肩胛骨. =>illus at skeleton 见 skeleton 插图. shoulder-strap n (a) narrow strip of material that goes over the shoulder to support a bra, nightdress, etc (乳罩上、 睡衣裙上及儿童服装等的)肩带. (b) narrow strap on the shoulder of a military uniform, a raincoat, an overcoat, etc (军服、 雨衣、 大衣等的)肩带.



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